Introducing our Christmas Charity

The retiring collection at this year’s Christmas Carol Concert will be in aid of Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund.

Each year around 10,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It is the fifth most common cause of cancer death, causing five percent of all cancer deaths each year, but  has the lowest survival rate of all cancers – just 3% of those diagnosed survive for five years. It is also the only cancer that has seen no improvement in this figure over the last 40 years. Yet despite its high death rate and lack of improvement in chances of survival, pancreatic cancer has attracted little research funding in comparison with many other cancers – currently less than 2% of research funding from the major funding bodies.

Public donations specifically for pancreatic cancer in the past have been very limited, because this cancer rarely made the headlines. The Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund was set up in 2004 and exists to try and address these issues – to raise new funds for research, and also be a voice for pancreatic cancer patients and argue for a fair allocation of research funding and attention.

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