Rehearsals to resume on 8th September

Live rehearsals will resume at St Peters Hall on Wednesday 8th September. For the first two weeks we shall sing for just one hour, without a break – starting at 7.30pm and finishing around 8.30pm. After that each rehearsal will consist of two 45-minute sessions, with a short comfort break. There will be no official refreshments.  We’ll be rehearsing Mozart’s Missa Brevis in D (K194) and Haydn Missa Sancti Nicolai with a provisional concert date in November, depending upon how things go. 

Our assumption is that the vast majority of members have now been double-vaccinated, and a rehearsal-specific Risk Assessment has been compiled. This incorporates a range of Covid-19 mitigation measures, including ventilation, sanitisation and as much distancing as is practicable. It is expected that every member will take personal responsibility for managing his/her health, and for his/her behaviour at rehearsals, also that any member who is unwell, or who has recently returned from an amber or red list country, will not attend.

Prospective new members will be welcome to join us from 22nd September, by which time any teething problems should have been resolved.