Links to Rehearsal Files for Vierne ‘Messe Solennelle’

Link to Rehearsal Files for Gounod ‘Messe Solennelle’ (St Cecilia)

Diary Dates


24 March:             Spring concert: Vierne Messe Solennelle and Gounod St. Cecilia Mass

                              Holy Trinity Church BROADSTAIRS

11 April:               Start of Summer session

25-27 May:           Visit to Chimay, Belgium

30 June:                 Summer concert: ‘Songs of the 60s and 70s’

05 September:       Open rehearsal

12 September:       Open rehearsal

10 November:       Autumn concert: Jenkins The Armed Man

12 December:        Carols at West Stourmouth

15 December:        Christmas Carol Concert



Events of Interest

09 January:             Start of Spring session

30 March:               Spring Concert: Mendelssohn St Paul

03 April:                 Rehearsal for Summer Concert

10 April:                 Rehearsal for Summer Concert

01 May:                  Start of Summer session

22 June:                  Summer Concert

26 June:                  AGM and Social

04 September:        Start of Autumn session

16 November:        Autumn Concert – provisionally a Handel Old Testament Oratorio

14 December:         Christmas Carol Concert

18 December:         Carols at West Stourmouth (provisional)